This is an private beta.
Please be patient as it loads. It will appear to be a blank spot for a little while.
Be kind, please rewi... err, Remember to clear your cache to get newest copy.
  • 1-6: Select a tower to build (top row is 1-3, bottom is 4-6)
  • u: upgrade
  • s: sell
  • n: next wave
  • esc: cancel
  • 0: mute
  • +/- volumn control
  • p: pause
Release Notes

8/28/16: After a long delay, this is being made public.

12/16/10: The tower store now shows the current and upgrade statistics.

12/11/10: Improved the win/loss notice. Tinkering with score system.

12/4/10: Added a basic notice if if you win or lose. Not pretty, but something is shown.

12/1/10: Show a green LED on the towers when they are reloaded. They will fire when the enemy is within range. Challenge level currently has the gold miner tower and reduced kill income.

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